Profhilo is a long – standing product with an outstanding safety profile, a rejuvenating treatment appreciated in more than 80 countries.

Profhilo contains no chemical admixtures, only highly purified hyaluronic acid.

Profhilo was awarded the gold statuette in the “Skin Rejuvenation and Enhancement Treatment” category at the Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine European Congress (AMEC) Paris and the top prize for the best rejuvenation treatment in the category: “Injectable Innovation of the Year 2015/2016” at the CCR in London.

IBSA is a pharmaceutical company established in 1945 in Switzerland.

Profhilo is a unique treatment that rejuvenates not only the skin, but also the subcutaneous tissue, which provides a direct scaffold for the skin. It provides results that were previously only achievable with a combination of multiple treatments acting on different ageing mechanisms:

  • it contains the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid to date (dose 64 mg / syringe) in the form of 2 types of hyaluronic acid chains thermally bonded (no chemical additives)
  • it is not a filler – when injected, it migrates under the skin lifting it – “million springs effect”, smoothing effect on the skin
  • hyaluronic acid chains of selected length stimulate cells to synthesise collagen type I and III and elastin more strongly than other hyaluronic acid preparations (effect confirmed in skin biopsies) – anti-wrinkle and lifting effect
  • Initiates repair processes and has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • the first beneficial effects are visible almost immediately after the treatment (1-2 weeks)


What problems does PROFHILO solve?

  • skin flaccidity, sagging
  • wrinkles, furrows
  • dehydration, tired looking face
  • proven results in restoring a youthful appearance to the neck
  • In our practice, improvement has also been observed in patients with atopic dermatitis and rosacea (in both cases reduction of burning, redness and skin hypersensitivity). The anti-inflammatory effect of long hyaluronic acid chains has been demonstrated in scientific studies.


What are the recommendations and contraindications?

  •  it is recommended to carry out 2 – 3 treatments one month apart, the effect lasts 1 – 1.5 years
  • an interval of at least 2 weeks should be maintained between other aesthetic medicine treatments. This also makes it easier to observe the beneficial changes in the appearance of the face and neck.
  • there are no special contraindications – apart from conditions that are contraindications to all aesthetic medicine procedures (pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc.).


How to prepare?

    • this treatment requires no special preparation
    • the treatment consists of 10 points in specially prepared anatomical points
    • after the procedure, sometimes (not always) slight swelling and redness are observed, which disappears within a few hours



Profhilo Body – the highest safety

  • contains the same high concentration of hyaluronic acid as standard Profhilo (32 mg/ml)
  • packs containing 3 ml of Profhilo have been developed to deliver the maximum amount of hyaluronic acid to larger areas (body)
  • clinically proven results in the treatment of flabby skin: abdomen, arms
  • one of the most effective skin rejuvenation treatments: neck, de?collete?, hands
  • biocompatible preparation – does not contain a crosslinking agent, contains pure hyaluronic acid (HA) identical in structure to endogenous HA
  • its effectiveness is due to its high concentration and longer retention time in tissues (compared to standard mesotherapy products)
  • in my practice I have not observed any significant side effects
  • minimal period of convalescence – you can immediately return to daily activities