Platelet-rich plasma has been used in orthopaedics and regenerative medicine for many years. It has also rapidly gained acceptance in dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

Platelet-rich plasma is currently used in many types of alopecia (also autoimmune), rejuvenation (mainly of the face, neck, de?collete? and hands), treatment of wounds, scars, burns, stretch marks and skin diseases. The indisputable efficacy of plasma has been scientifically proven in independent research projects.


Procedure description:

After the patient’s blood is drawn into a sterile, closed system, the blood is immediately centrifuged in a special centrifuge so as to separate the individual components without the use of separation gel or anticoagulant. Importantly, these are not ordinary diagnostic tubes, but carefully tested tubes whose contents (plasma containing a high concentration of platelets) can be administered safely to the patient, guaranteeing us sterility and predictable results. Due to the lack of admixtures of foreign substances, it is an ideal method of skin regeneration for allergy sufferers.

The preparation is then injected into the skin (face, body or scalp) using a needle or cannula. Up to one hour after the treatment, the skin is reddened due to the high concentration of natural growth factors (which act as local hormones – stimulating skin cell division, activating stem cells and fibroblasts, resulting in collagen formation).

On the second day after the treatment, you can safely return to your daily activities. There are very few contraindications to the administration of plasma (the most important being pregnancy, breastfeeding, cancer and active infections).


Platelet-rich plasma – effects of the treatment:

  • scalp: stimulation of hair growth
  • skin: stimulation of collagen and elastin production, reduction of discolouration and wrinkles, skin rejuvenation effect, skin color improvement in the eye area
  • reduction of scars, acne scars and stretch marks (combined with other treatments)
  • reduction of hyperpigmentation
  • calming inflammation, increasing skin immunity

Platelet rich plasma – indications:

  • androgenic alopecia, telogen alopecia, alopecia areata, post-COVID-19 alopecia
  • photoageing
  • thinning, flaccidity of the skin due to other causes
  • acne
  • scars, stretch marks
  • melasma

Why does plasma help with acne and can be used despite some autoimmune diseases? Recent studies have shown that it contains antimicrobial peptides and anti-inflammatory molecules (RANTES, lipoxin A4)



What is the difference between a fully certified Arthrex kit and cheaper kits for obtaining plasma and fibrin?

  • highest safety – fully encapsulated, sterile and free from chemical additives or separating gel – approved for use in operating theatres
  • greater volume of preparation per collection (15 ml of blood)
  • high platelet recovery and concentration as tested by an independent diagnostic laboratory (source: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Atlas of Skin Revitalisation Procedures , Bernard C. Kolster)
  • Platelet-rich plasma can be combined with hyaluronic acid to provide the skin with immediate radiance and strong hydration.

A series of 3 treatments every 3-4 weeks is most commonly recommended, followed by an assessment of the skin’s condition every six months and a possible follow-up treatment.