Nucleotides have now become a permanent part of effective methods for skin rejuvenation and improvement, due to their additional metabolic and antioxidant activities. Facts:

  • are biocompatible with human nucleotides
  • are of natural origin
  • are fully absorbable – they do not cause the formation of persistent nodules or granulomas
  • are not embolic material



The preparations are manufactured in Luxembourg, have the necessary medical certificates and are referred to as HPN polynucleotides – with the highest degree of purification. Polynucleotides are currently categorised as stimulators of collagen production. Among the HPN polynucleotides we distinguish:

Polynucleotides recommended for revitalisation of the eye area:

  • the preparation is registered (tested) for use by injection into the skin of the eyelids, including the upper eyelids.
  • administered by a minimally invasive mesotherapy method
  • a 2 ml syringe allows use in at least 2 treatment areas

Combination preparations for revitalising other areas of the face and body

  • contains polynucleotides HPN, hyaluronic acid and mannitol
  • has a moisturising and firming effect on the skin, improving its quality
  • mannitol slows down the degradation of hyaluronic acid in the tissues after administration and prolongs the effect of the treatment
  • syringe 2 ml