Lenisna and Juvelook – stimulators of collagen production

New generation preparations with polylactic acid belong to the collagen production stimulators.
Both formulations consist of poly-D,L-lactic acid and non cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Lenisna and Juvelook differ in the particle size of poly-D,L-lactic acid and the concentration of this ingredient and the concentration of hyaluronic acid.

Facts: 2 patents have been obtained related to the method of production of these formulations ( Patent No. 10-1481441 and 10-1725279) – obtaining round polylactic acid particles and producing a polymer with a cross-linked structure instead of a ‘crushed glass’

structure. This is believed to reduce the risk of side effects, including the occurrence of granulomas.

Non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid serves as a carrier and an ingredient that rapidly improves the skin after administration of these products. The combination of the 2 components results in an immediate effect (brightening, light filling) and a long-lasting effect (strong stimulation of collagen production and long-lasting improvement in skin firmness, thickness, wrinkle reduction).

Hyaluronic acid degrades but at the same time the amount of collagen in the skin increases, the number of fibroblasts formed from stem cells increases.


Safety of Lenisna and Juvelook:

The products are manufactured in Korea. Both formulations are registered in the European Union and CE certified.

They have been used in Europe since 2018.


Indications and applications of Lenisna and Juvelook preparations:

  • skin aging and photoaging
  • flaccidity
  • wrinkles
  • volume loss, subcutaneous fatty tissue atrophy

Lenisna and Juvelook are not interchangeable preparations – they differ not only in the concentration of active ingredients, but also in the size of the polylactic acid molecules – they were developed for different applications:


– for areas of thin skin such as the neck, de?collete?, thin skin in young people, eye area. It has a very small filling action. Its main action is skin remodelling – improving wrinkles, pores, scars, firming the skin.



– to be administered to areas where the skin is thicker, in cases of more severe ageing (flabbiness, deep wrinkles, volume loss). Lenisna has a filling effect, thanks to the high production of collagen, the filling effect lasts a long time. The degradation time of the product is 18 months

According to European and Korean doctors, a recommended combination is a micro-needle radiofrequency treatment (also available from us)


Contraindications to the use of Lenisna and Juvelook

  • as for all facial injectables
  • autoimmune diseases
  • previous use of: other stimulators (also biostimulators), threads. The exact recommended interval will be determined by the doctor during the consultation
  • remember to keep a time distance from dental procedures – preferably 2 weeks


Effects of Lenisna treatments:


Effects of Juvelook treatments:


The photos show the effect of the treatment on a particular patient. The effect of the treatment may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the patient, the number of times the treatment is repeated, the patient’s compliance with post-treatment recommendations and the skill and experience of the person carrying out the treatment.