Treatment for androgenetic alopecia – Regenera Activa

The Regenera Activa treatment is a minimally invasive method for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia in women and men. For the first time, an autologous transplant of whole stem cells, responsible for an extremely strong regeneration of hair follicles, is used. This represents a novelty compared to the methods used to date

Advantages of the Regenera Activa treatment:

  • faster growth of new hair, compared to previous methods. The growth of new hair after Regenera Activa treatment appears usually up to 2 months
  • one treatment instead of a series of treatments
  • the effects last 1-3 years, after which the treatment may be repeated in order to halt the progression of the disease (androgenetic alopecia is a chronic condition, thus medications should be administered as well)
  • the method has been tested in clinical trials on patients with androgenetic alopecia, and has received FDA approval in the USA


Limitations of the method:

  • the treatment should not be performed in patients with general contraindications (active tumors, severe uncompensated systemic diseases) or inflammatory lesions of the scalp
  • the procedure belongs to the group of regenerative medicine procedures, it will not be effective in areas of complete alopecia with scarring (in this case, only a hair transplant remains effective).
  • the patient should have a diagnosis of androgenetic alopecia, in other types of alopecia it can also bring improvement, however there is no adequate scientific data supporting other applications


What the Regenera Activa treatment looks like:

  • a section of the scalp behind the ear is anaesthetised with a local anaesthetic drug
  • tissue fragments of a few millimetres in size are taken by biopsy
  • these fragments are crushed using a patented disposable kit and placed in a saline solution
  • this solution of living cells is injected into the scalp