Threads with a repositioning and anti-ptosis effect have been marketed by plastic surgeons as an alternative to surgery. The threads used in my practice consist of:

    • polylactic acid (absorbable threads) – they have a lifting and stimulating effect
    • polylactic acid with hyaluronic acid (absorbable threads) – as above, but with an additional shortened period of convalescence and skin hydration
    • polypropylene (non-absorbable threads, less commonly used)


In my practice I use:

  • Excellence Visage threads, each 19 cm long, available in a set of 10 threads – full facelift in cases of high tissue sagging, mature skin or heavy skin
  • 11 cm long Excellence Visage Soft threads – face lift in the case of young people or slight sagging


For safety reasons, I only perform these procedures on regular patients after personally qualifying them.

The threads are a medical device implanted into the deeper layers of the face, which (particularly in the case of irregularities in the management before, during, or after the procedure) may cause adverse reactions. Therefore they should be performed only by highly