Wrinkles are longitudinal depressions in the skin that appear with age and are inextricably associated with skin aging. It is, of course, a natural sign of the body’s aging process. However, they can also appear at a young age in people with thin, dry skin and excessive facial expressions. To remove them effectively, it is necessary to remove the cause that led to their formation, such as:

  • excessive facial muscle activity: crow’s feet, lion’s wrinkle, forehead wrinkles
  • skin dehydration, photoaging: on the cheeks, around the eyelids
  • sagging of tissues: nasolabial furrows, marionette lines
  • loss of adipose tissue, thinning of the skin: wrinkles around the eyes and mouth

Modern aesthetic medicine offers a number of safe and effective treatments to restore a natural and relaxed appearance to the face:



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