Hyperhidrosis treatment can effectively reduce the overproduction of sweat glands, eliminating the sweating problem. Most often, persistent hyperhidrosis has a genetic basis, and it is often found that similar problems occur in other family members. Therefore, home remedies for hyperhidrosis may not have the desired effect.

The gold standard in the treatment of hyperhidrosis of the armpits, hands and feet is the superficial administration of botulinum toxin using a fine needle. The treatment is quick, safe and does not exclude the patient from daily life. Improvement periods of several months, and rarely, even several years, are observed after successive injections of the drug, with almost complete inhibition of sweating in the treated areas.

It should be emphasized that treatment with botulinum toxin is completely safe (to date, botulinum toxin itself has already been tested on millions of patients and the effect of the drug is reversible) and no permanent side effects are observed. Due to the local effect, the treatment effect does not interfere with thermoregulation.


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