Treatment and removal of stretch marks

Myths about stretch marks:

There is a plethora of preparations and treatments on the market that supposedly should eradicate stretch marks or at least make them “invisible”. However, experienced practitioners and patients who have tried to deal with stretch marks know that, in reality, only a few methods can provide a lasting and visible improvement. This is because stretch marks are essentially scars extending into the dermis and there is no way to eradicate them without methods that work at the right depth and which force the skin to remodel its structure, with the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibres.

Facts about stretch marks:

Definitely ineffective therapies include: creams, ointments, oils (however, they are phenomenal in preventing the deepening and formation of new stretch marks), surface peels (such as mandelic acid, azelaic acid, ferulic acid), mesotherapy (however, it can significantly improve the appearance, firmness and quality of the skin), massage, microdermabrasion.

There are confirmed results in the treatment of stretch marks when carried out correctly:

1. Newly formed, red stretch marks:

Platelet-rich plasma and fibrin, lasers and radiofrequency significantly increase the effectiveness of other treatments and accelerate skin regeneration.

Peels, in particular PRX and JPX, can smooth stretch marks through their fibroblast-stimulating action provided they are applied very early on

2. Fixed stretch marks

The ablative fractional laser has been the gold standard treatment for stretch marks and scars for many years, due to its powerful remodeling action on the dermis. However, the problems were the rather long healing period (more than a week), the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and the difficulty in avoiding touching and rubbing the treated areas on the body. The skin on the body is characterised by a worse healing potential than on the face.

The latest and most effective and safe method is micro-needle radiofrequency (RF). It has been successfully used in the treatment of scars and stretch marks for several years. The state-of-the-art Secret RF device, available in our practice, is currently the device of choice for patients with stretch marks.

Practice tip: Stretch mark removal should be started as soon as possible in order for the treatment to be complete and effective. So-called “old stretch marks”, due to increased fibrosis, heal more slowly but we can significantly reduce their visibility. Patience is a prerequisite, as skin remodelling is a process that continues many months after treatment. Quite often patients see the greatest improvement six months after completing a series of treatments.


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