Scars are a significant problem for patients due to the impression of uneven and unpleasant to the touch skin, unsatisfactory aesthetic results even when using corrective make-up and the ineffectiveness of many treatment methods offered on the market (surface peels,

microdermabrasion, cosmetics). This is because these are lesions that reach deep into the dermis and treatment must have adequate depth, while maintaining the safety of the therapy and avoiding complications such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

The leading treatment methods (FDA and CE certification) are treatments with micro-needle radiofrequency devices and fractional lasers. Prominent among the lasers are the Erb-Yag laser and the CO2 fractional laser.

According to recent observations of our regular patients, they value most the treatments with the Secret RF 2.0 device (micro-needle radiofrequency), characterised by very high efficacy (strong stimulation of scar remodelling processes) with a very short recovery time (in most cases, about 4-5 hours!). This represents a significant advance in the treatment options for scars and stretch marks.

In some cases, treatment can be supplemented with the administration of platelet-rich plasma or fibrin, which strongly stimulates the skin’s own regenerative mechanisms, filling in the lesions from within by influencing collagen and elastin synthesis and stem cell differentiation.


For several years, the following have also been used with good results:

  • Profhilo, Restylane Vital – they act synergistically with the device treatments
  • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid for filling in atrophic acne scars. Particularly helpful in

clearly demarcated, depressed scars. The effect is completely safe but unfortunately not permanent.
Most of these treatments do not exclude the patient from daily functioning and improvement is visible after just 1-2 treatments.



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  • Arthrex (platelet-rich plasma and fibrin) Hyaluronic acid fillers
  • Nucleofill
  • Secret RF 2.0 (Micro-needle radiofrequency) Dermapen 4.0