The neck and de?collete? are equally important in rejuvenation. When planning a metamorphosis with a rejuvenation of a few or several years, it is essential to take care of the neck and de?collete?, which are highly exposed to photoageing and its consequences (hyperpigmentation, thin and dehydrated skin, loss of collagen fibres and reduction of skin elasticity, wrinkles).

The most important issue is to act on the cause of the problem and use selected preparations with high efficacy. At least some of the methods listed below provide a visible effect after the first treatment.

In advanced skin ageing, a series of treatments and appropriate post-treatment care can also achieve very satisfactory results.

Several years ago, at the Congress of the Association of Aesthetic Dermatologists, a very promising method of rejuvenating the neck skin using a minimally invasive method – stabilized, highly purified hyaluronic acid Profhilo – was presented. In addition to the unprecedented form and concentration of hyaluronic acid, the treatment itself is innovative in that the product is only administered to 10 specially selected points, which significantly reduces pain and the risk of bruising after the procedure. Significant improvements are visible after 1- 2 treatments. Confirmed scientific data indicate not only regeneration of the skin, but also stimulation of the formation of supporting elements and reconstruction of subcutaneous tissue, whose disappearance leads to flaccid neck skin.

Recently, new generation stimulators (polylactic acid combined with hyaluronic acid) are used for successful neck rejuvenation. However, only some products are suitable and correct preparation and injection techniques must be used, in order to prevent nodules formation.

Tip: after achieving a post-treatment effect, apply skin care for mature and dry skin twice daily. Use sunscreen daily when the skin is exposed and absolutely on sunny days.



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  • Platelet-rich plasma

  • Chemical peelings

  • Needle mesotherapy

  • Skinboosters Profhilo

  • Nucleofill

  • Secret RF 2.0 (Micro-needle radiofrequency)

  • Nucleotides – Pluryal

  • Lenisna, Juvelook

  • Dermapen