Facial ageing can affect relationships in personal and professional life

Changes in facial shape and facial expressions, much more than wrinkles themselves, result in a loss of one’s positive self-image. The signs of ageing mimic facial expressions typically associated with negative emotions such as sadness, harshness, fatigue and grief. In times of great change and the shifting boundaries of youth, this leads to a situation where our skin cannot keep up with our active lifestyles and what we would like to achieve and see ourselves as. The aging-related changes listed below can contribute to the perpetuation of unsympathetic facial expressions and loss of self-esteem and joy despite a positive personality. For example:

  •  lion’s frown – imitates sternness
  • tear trough, drooping corners of the mouth – express sadness
  • nasolabial furrows, tear trough, eyebags and dark circles under the eyes, drooping eyelids and tissues in other areas – give an expression of fatigue and are associated with old age

The aim of aesthetic medicine treatments

is to discreetly restore a rested and attractive appearance, without altering facial features or leaving visible traces of the doctor’s intervention. Modern aesthetic medicine is about reversing and preventing changes associated with the signs of ageing. This is possible by understanding the changes occurring at multiple levels of facial tissues: hyaluronic acid fillers replenish bone and fat tissue in the cheeks, which decreases with age; botulinum toxin helps to modulate facial expressions to a softer appearance and prevent deep wrinkles; skin revitalisation methods (platelet-rich plasma, mesotherapy, biostimulation, radiofrequency and microneedling) restore elasticity and youthfulness to the skin; chemical peels help remove hyperpigmentation and restore the uniform and compact skin texture typical of young and healthy people.

By combining several methods, we can achieve a real lifting effect without surgery and a significant reduction in jowls and deep furrows. All the methods mentioned above can also be applied to the skin of the neck and de?collete?. The key to success is the right choice of methods, a sense of beauty and moderation in the amount of preparations used.



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