Lip wrinkles, i.e. the wrinkles around the mouth (absolutely not limited to the group of smokers), are a real aesthetic problem because they are located in a dynamic region of the face, characterised by thin skin and a subcutaneous layer. Next to the eye area, this is the region at the earliest risk of skin ageing and thinning and the formation of deep wrinkles.

Appropriate prevention (home care, chemical peelings, mesotherapy, photoprotection) can significantly postpone the formation of wrinkles. In the case of deep wrinkles, a lasting and great improvement can be achieved using hyaluronic acid filling and revitalisation of the skin in this area – especially by needle radiofrequency and new stimulators (polylactic acid combined with hyaluronic acid). The use of botulinum toxin is debated – it reduces the activity of the muscles responsible for skin wrinkling, but the effect is less permanent than after the administration of cross-linked hyaluronic acid or stimulators.



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  • Hyaluronic acid – fillers

  • Needle mesotherapy

  • Profhilo

  • Secret RF 2.0 (Micro-needle radiofrequency)

  • Nucleotides – Pluryal

  • Dermapen

  • Lenisna, Juvelook