The procedure, which involves injecting botulinum toxin into the masseter muscle, is a milestone on the road to bruxism treatment:

  • within a few days, the patient experiences a relaxation of the masseter muscles, a cessation of tension, headaches and sleep problems. Most patients can dispense with the strenuousapplication of the splint on their teeth
  • the procedure is completely safe – the effects of the toxin subside within 4-6 months, and no lasting complications after the procedure have been reported. The application of the toxin should be repeated every few months.
  • the procedure is short (takes about 5 minutes) and does not leave any traces on the skin, you can immediately return to daily activities
  • most patients consider the treatment to have a significant impact on their quality of life


In the case of masseter muscle hypertrophy, we can slim the jawline and improve the facial oval with botulinum toxin injections, giving the face a more feminine and younger appearance.


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